The Media Fields collective is excited to announce its fourth graduate student conference exploring the complex relationships between media and space.  Our hope to anticipate or catalyze new horizons for our field has inspired the theme for our 2013 conference, Access/Trespass.  The collective welcomes scholarly submissions engaged with how the idea of “trespass” might be employed to energize, expand, negate, or flip the idea of access. While access has been a useful concept for understanding rights discourses, implying a spatial relationship of a center to a periphery and a juridical authority that dispenses privilege, trespass may make more legible the outline of these accepted, naturalized, or enacted terms. We encourage scholarship that explores the tactical, rhetorical, or strategic deployment of “trespass” in various media contexts, challenging notions of who is deemed a trespasser, and interrogating who is calling it trespass.


April 4-5, 2013

McCune Conference Room (HSSB 6020)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Ricardo Dominguez, UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts

Keynote Title: “Tactical Poetics, or How We Can Stop Worrying and Start Creating Disturbances (or Learning from the 80s)”